Mystery Guest


Mystery Guest

ArtBuild Hotel Management offers the service the "Mystery Guest", which, in fact, is a secret audit of the hotel service. If you are the owner of the hotel and want to receive an independent and objective assessment of the work of the staff and the quality of service at your hotel, the "Mystery Guest" will provide you with all the necessary information: identify the main shortcomings and prepare practical recommendations for their effective and short-term elimination. 

The "Mystery Guest" program allows you, first of all, to see the problematic places in the work of your hotel, to find the cause of each specified defect and, as a result: improve the quality of service, improve the efficiency of staff, develop a motivation system for employees, ensure customer loyalty and in general increase the profit of the hotel.

In the process of implementing the program "Mystery Guest", a large number of evaluation criteria are used, which ArtBuild Hotel Management develops for a specific object and the goals and tasks specified by the owner of the hotel. But, in any case, the secret guest evaluates the current state of the object, its design and equipment, the level of competence of hotel personnel, the technology used to sell and promote the facility, the quality of service and the service provided.

After the collection of confidential data, the secret guest analyzes the information received and develops practical recommendations for improving the work of the hotel. Thus, at the end of the "Mystery Guest" program, the owner of the hotel receives in his hands a detailed report with expert opinion, photos and videos, an evaluation sheet with the criteria used, as well as conclusions and practical recommendations for implementation in this hotel facility.

The "Mystery Guest" program can also be repeated, after the owner has introduced the expert's recommendations into the work of the hotel, in order to evaluate the results and check the effectiveness of staff training.

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