Mystery Call


Mystery Call

A tough and competitive hotel business requires regular upgrading of staff skills and increasing the efficiency of its work. Therefore, for modern hotel owners, ArtBuild Hotel Management offers the "Mystery Call" service, which will identify shortcomings in telephone communication and corporate etiquette of administrators, sales department employees, reservations, conference services, etc.

Upon termination of conversation the expert of our company estimates behavior and dialogue of the employee on a number of the criteria developed specially for a specific task. Then, practical recommendations and a telephone conversation algorithm are developed, and effective training programs for personnel are designed to increase the percentage of converting calls to real guests, increase the sale of rooms of higher categories and maintain a high level of competence of the hotel staff.

As a result of the "Mystery Call" service, the hotel owner receives a report with an evaluation sheet, expert conclusions, recommendations for improving the work of the staff and an effective telephone conversation algorithm. The report also contains a complete record of the telephone conversation with the hotel employee.

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