Sales & Marketing (S&M)


Sales & Marketing (S&M)

ArtBuild Hotel Management offers outsourced Sales & Marketing (S&M) services for various properties that can benefit from extra assistance in this sector. Outsourced sales and marketing services which we deliver to the hotel, aim to boost their sales through efficient use of direct and indirect sales distribution channels, enhanced sales tools, better positioning in the marketplace by forming and delivering a continuous and stable brand promise to their target market and their supplementary sales force.

As your outsourced hotel sales & marketing department we agree on objectives and goals and then map out our plan for delivering success to the property. Frequent status updates keep owners and operators informed of all sales & marketing activities and ensure that you always have the most current information available to make proper business decisions.

Our services include but are not limited to:

• Sales Marketing market research.
• Sales Marketing planning.
• Planning Objectives, Vision & Mission.
• Corporate Identity.
• Hotel Concept / Identity (Brand Promise) and according to this identity communication messages.
• Creation of hotel collateral.
• Development of business goals & objectives.
• Competitive Set Analysis.
• Turn-key management of advertisement and public Relations activities.
• Setting up an internal/on-site support team and training of the team.
• Review and improvement of any sales tools (print, e-materials, programs, etc.).
• Development and deployment of the Hotel's presence in the electronic environment.
• CRS System Implementation.
• E-CRM Implementation.
• Call-Center deployment.
• Providing, implementing and developing reporting and sales tools.
• Benchmarking and providing continuous follow up of the Hotel's Sales and Marketing activities.

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