Revenue Management (RM)


Revenue Management (RM)

ArtBuild Hotel Management offers a service in the area of ​​revenue management in the hotel business. To be constantly up to date with modern world trends and ensure the qualification of hotel staff at the proper level is becoming more expensive and more expensive today. In this situation, the involvement of the hotel revenue management manager is the most accurate and effective solution. 

Moreover, to generate a competitive level of return on investment in the project (Return On Investment, ROI) you need special knowledge and practical experience.

The revenue management service and the consultation of a highly qualified specialist are necessary for those hotels that do not have the opportunity to perform a quality audit of the hotel independently or to include in the staff of their own income management manager. 

The duties of the attracted manager include, first of all, the collection of necessary data, financial indicators and facts, then – analysis and processing of information received, as well as the development of effective revenue management schemes for a particular hotel and control of the management process itself. Involving a third-party manager is also important because a person who does not work directly in the hotel looks at the situation from the outside and assesses it objectively.

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