Hotel Santa Sofia, Rome, Italy


Hotel Santa Sofia, Rome, Italy

ArtBuild Hotel Management specialists have developed a concept and hotel technology for the project of the hotel upper midscale in Rome (Italy). The project assumes major repairs and full re-equipment of the existing building for the hotel.

Existing object:

Rome, Italy 1

Rome, Italy 2

Rome, Italy 3

Rome, Italy 4

Based on the analysis of the site and the hotel market of Monti district, where the hotel project is located, the specialists of ArtBuild Hotel Management offered to create the project in a dynamically developing Europe and the world segment, which covers a rather wide target audience, namely a city hotel of the upper midscale category (3+). In fact, this hotel combines several hotel categories, thus representing a new trend. According to the concept, the size and equipment of the housing stock are close to the category midscale, and the organization of space, modern design and quality of finishing public areas – upscale.

Thus, the "highlight" of the hotel will be a symbiosis of high quality service, innovative design of public areas with ease of furnishing rooms and affordable price.

ArtBuild Hotel Management specialists also developed a financial and economic model for calculating the feasibility of the development of this project and on its basis prepared the Investment Teaser.

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